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Warradjan Cultural Centre

Woven Kids Necklace/ Wall Hanger by Gwenyth Manakgu

Woven Kids Necklace/ Wall Hanger by Gwenyth Manakgu

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Woven Kids Necklace/ Wall Hanger by Gwenyth Manakgu, where art and culture interweave together. It is an authentic Kakadu indigenous product manufactured from the natural surrounds of Kakadu country. 

Weaving and gathering is known as “women’s business” and is embedded in the cultural roots. It is a tradition that supports and maintains women’s craft while also honouring it.


  • Local Sourcing: Manmarlis are used by skilled weavers to collect fresh kunngobarn (pandanus).
  • Vibrant Natural Dyes: The naturally coloured dyes are then carefully applied to the dried pandanus. It adds beauty to this art and signifies being in tune with nature.
  • Dual Functionality: It plays the dual role of a kids’ necklace and a wall hanger. The practicality is enhanced by this duality, making it possible to enjoy in different settings.
  • Cultural Preservation: The product helps maintain the indigenous culture through the act of weaving and using native products.
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