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Warradjan Cultural Centre

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

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Don’t just wear a bangle on your wrist, wear this symbol of traditional craftsmanship of our Woven Bangle. It embodies the craftsmanship behind Louisa Bayne’s artistic heritage in the Kakadu Region.

Using kunngobarn (pandanus), it is created using the traditional Bininj method and harvested with the unique manmarli hooked stick. Make each movement as an expression of your beauty to feel the rhythm of nature. 


  • Kakadu National Park's Essence: Louisa Bayne’s creation mirrors the soul of Kakadu by utilising locally gathered materials displaying the natural charm of the locale.
  • Artisan Elegance: Each bangle is evidence of her commitment to producing the artwork of the century, and the cultural heritage as an immortal piece.
  • Natural Elegance: Using Pandanus leaves, they are carefully dried and decorated with beautiful natural dyes that come from different plants at different seasons.
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