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Warradjan Cultural Centre

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

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Experience the wonders of Kakadu through our fabulous Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne. The kunngobarn (pandanus) used in this bracelet is gathered locally by the Bininj weavers by use of manmarli, a specialist hooked stick.

“Women’s business”, as it is known for the art of weaving and gathering of materials, embodies the oldest traditions handed down from generation to generation. When you wear this bracelet, you become linked to a timeless story of Bininj women’s skills and wisdom.


  • Seasonal Natural Dyes: The dried pandanus leaves are coloured with vibrant natural dyes extracted in a specific season thereby brightening the woven bangle.
  • Environmental Connection: A connection is established between the artisan and the local country in Kakadu National Park by crafting the bracelet using native elements foraging in the country.
  • Timeless Craft Fusion: Enjoy the fusion of ancient techniques and contemporary design by using this bangle.
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