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Pandanus Necklace by Sylvia Badari

Pandanus Necklace by Sylvia Badari

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Natural woven pandanus necklace, handcrafted by Sylvia Badari using native elements foraged on country here in Kakadu National Park.

Dimensions: 6.3cm x 5.5cm pendant, 23-28cm length

This necklace is a product of the Kakadu/West Arnhem Region, created using locally sourced materials. Bininj weavers collect fresh kunngobarn (pandanus) by employing a special hooked stick called manmarli. Once harvested, the pandanus is carefully dried and then adorned with vibrant natural dyes, which are extracted during specific seasons. 

The art of weaving and gathering materials has long been recognised as 'Women's business,' and it serves as a beautiful way to preserve ancient traditions, passed down from generation to generation. Engaging in the weaving process, these women spend time bonding over cups of tea, imparting the wisdom of their craft to the younger members of the community, ensuring the legacy lives on with every carefully crafted piece.

This artwork has been purchased directly from an Aboriginal artist in Kakadu National Park or Arnhem Land. Warradjan Cultural Centre is committed to supporting artists, their families and the local community.

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