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Cheeky Yam Necklace by Lynne Nadjowh

Cheeky Yam Necklace by Lynne Nadjowh

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Hand-painted necklace pendant, crafted by Lynne Nadjowh using native elements foraged on country here in Kakadu National Park.

Dimensions: 5cm x 3 cm pendant, 25.5cm total length

Cheeky yam (mankinjdjek in Kunwok) is cheeky because of its toxins that make it poisonous. Therefore it must be prepared accordingly. The yam should be sliced thinly, placed into a string bag which would then be immersed into a flowing stream of water for overnight or longer. After this it can be cooked and eaten. It makes good tucker, yet cheeky!

This artwork has been purchased directly from an Aboriginal artist in Kakadu National Park or Arnhem Land. Warradjan Cultural Centre is committed to supporting artists, their families and the local community.

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