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Kakadu Collection Long Neck Bottle Coolers

Kakadu Collection Long Neck Bottle Coolers

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Kakadu Collection Long Neck Bottle Cooler 

Keep your drink cool with a Kakadu Collection Long Neck Bottle cooler.  This cooler is available in your choice of artwork and is perfect for keeping your beverages cool.

The artwork featured in the Kakadu Collection is designed by the following Aboriginal Artists:

  • Snake by Jacqueline Cahill 
  • Lightning Man by David Cameron 
  • Djignook (The Fisherman Spirit) by Lennie Murabura 
  • Ginga (Crocodile) by Abel Naborhlborhl

Dimensions: 28.5 x 8

The Kakadu Collection stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and artistic prowess of the Bininj/Mungguy Aboriginal artists. This collection of artworks encapsulate the Kakadu region, its landscapes, flora, fauna, and the profound cultural connections that span generations. The artists, who are the custodians of their ancestral lands, receive due recognition and respect in the form of royalties for each piece sold. Not only preserving and celebrating their art, but also empowering the artists and their communities, fostering a sustainable model that ensures both the artistic heritage and the well-being of the creators are cherished and upheld for generations to come.

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