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Warradjan Cultural Centre

Woven Kids Necklace/Wall décor by Gwenyth Manakgu

Woven Kids Necklace/Wall décor by Gwenyth Manakgu

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A beautiful pink Woven Kids Necklace or Wall Décor created by local Kakadu artist Gwenyth Manakgu.  This stunning piece has been woven from the native elements that are found in the breathtaking landscape of Kakadu National Park.

Expert weavers use a special hooked stick called manmarli to harvest fresh kunngobarn (pandanus) in an environmentally friendly way, making this artwork truly exceptional. The pandanus is processed by careful harvesting and dried to form beautiful patterns with different natural dyes.


  • Cultural Heritage: The pieces are products of pride from the Kakadu/West Arnhem region and the region’s cultural heritage.
  • Women's Artistry: The art of weaving and gathering material is rooted in the tradition of ‘Women's business’ and is a beautiful and culturally significant practice passed down through generations.
  • Preservation of Traditions: Each work represents the preservation and the continuation of the traditions of weaving, keeping them alive and valued.
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