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Lightning Man by John Rocky Cahill

Lightning Man by John Rocky Cahill

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 Lightning Man, original canvas painting by local Bininj artist John Rocky Cahill.

Dimensions: 29.5cm x 41.5cm

Lightning Man, Namarrkon, remains one of the most significant mythological figures in Kakadu. He lives above the clouds, and hits and bangs his stone axes together, which are attached to his elbows and knees. Many paintings show how the electricity flows around his body from his testicles to his head.  He starts the lightning show to communicate to Bininj that something has been done wrong. It is told that Namarrkon gets specifically angry when people get married to the wrong spouses.


This artwork has been purchased directly from an Aboriginal artist in Kakadu National Park or Arnhem Land. Warradjan Cultural Centre is committed to supporting artists, their families and the local community.

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