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Magpie Goose by Jonah Djumburri

Magpie Goose by Jonah Djumburri

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Magpie Goose, original ingres paper painting by local Bininj artist Jonah Djumburri.

Dimensions: 24cm x 32cm

Near our Cultural center, there is Yellow water billabong, where you can see the Magpie geese gathering in a big mob. Sometimes hundreds at once, and as they set to flight all at once,  it is a beautiful sight to see. In Kunwok language magpie goose has two words: murnubbar and manimunak. Traditionally magpie geese were hunted by spears that were often launched with the help of Borndok (in Kunwok for a spear thrower). Magpie geese are an important food source for many locals, still to this day.

This artwork has been purchased directly from an Aboriginal artist in Kakadu National Park or Arnhem Land. Warradjan Cultural Centre is committed to supporting artists, their families and the local community.

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