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An-me Arri-ngun - The Food We Eat Book

An-me Arri-ngun - The Food We Eat Book

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An-me Arri-ngun - The Food We Eat by Gary Fox and Murray Garde. Published by the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation.

Exploring the Traditional plant foods of the Kundjeyhmi people of Kakadu National Park.

This second edition landmark book represents the culmination of decades of work describing the edible bush foods of the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park, one of Australian’s best known tourist destinations.

The Kundjeyhmi people have worked closely with the authors to photograph and describe 149 plants species: from the toffee-like gum of river wattle to sweet an-badju yams sought by singing children.

Each plant’s description includes: Kundjeyhmi, scientific and English common names; plant uses; plant preparation and its cultural significance.

Easy-to-read and well presented with over 500 photographs, this book is an interesting read for anyone interested in edible bush foods and Aboriginal life and culture. 

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