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Warradjan Cultural Centre

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

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The Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne is a hand-crafted masterpiece in artistry found in the heart of Kakadu National Park. The bracelet comes from Kakadu region and is crafted by Bininj weavers applying the traditional manmarli method.

‘Women’s business’, which includes the art of weaving and material gathering, has been practiced for a long time in this region. It goes beyond creating beautiful artifacts to preserving ancient traditions passed from generation to generation.


  • Pandanus Perfection: Pandanus plants, known as kunngobarn, are harvested using a specially designed hooked stick, dried, and then enhanced with natural dye colors to achieve a striking visual effect.
  • Seasonal Splendour: Specific seasons have vibrant hues in them, adding the dynamic aspect of the ever-changing beauties of nature.
  • Local Identity: Experience and feel the very nature of Kakadu National Park embodied by this bracelet.
  • Wearable Storytelling: Each woven bangle tells a story of craftsmanship, sustainability, and pride in heritage through wearable art.
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