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Warradjan Cultural Centre

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne

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The Woven Bangle by Aboriginal Artist Louisa Bayne is a piece of wearable art that goes beyond jewellery.  Inspired by the expertise of Bininj weavers using the traditional manmarli stick for collecting kunngobarn (pandanus), Louisa has created a natural piece of jewellery that is versatile, subtle and comfortable to wear.

Preserve and appreciate the cultural legacy of Kakadu National Park by adding the Woven Bangle to your collection of living history. The women’s skill to weave using native products is a testimony to the tradition that prevails up to now.


  • Heritage Weaving: The Woven Bangle by Louisa Bayne pays tribute to this ancient art that has been passed down for generations.
  • Kakadu Essence Elegance: Louisa Bayne’s creation embodies the nature of Kakadu, where the materials are collected, sun-dried, and painted using bright natural dyes that are obtained during particular periods.
  • Timeless Craft Fusion: Enjoy the fusion of ancient techniques and contemporary design by using this bangle.
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