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Warradjan Cultural Centre

Woven Necklace/Wall décor by Gwenyth Manakgu

Woven Necklace/Wall décor by Gwenyth Manakgu

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Naturally beautiful Woven Necklace/Wall Décor by Aboriginal Artist Gwenyth Manakgu. Each piece is a product of the enchanting Kakadu National Park where the artist gathers the elements of kunngobarn (pandanus) with the utmost skill and respect for the environment. 

The art of weaving and gathering materials has been a ‘women’s business’ for a long time. Besides, it is not just an avenue for artistic self-expression, but also a powerful vehicle for preserving ancient traditions. The sacred craft is a special tradition that is handed down from one generation to another, passing along the stories, values, and spirit of the land.


  • Natural Materials: This material is carefully picked, dried, and decorated with natural dyes, extracted at special seasons, creating a link to the local environment.
  • Functional Dual Purpose: The piece can be used as a necklace, as well as wall decoration, and its versatility makes it functional, as well as decorative so that it can fit in any setting.
  • Regional Identity: The Kakadu/West Arnhem woven art turns out to be a regional symbol that enables the people to understand the cultural and artistic endowments of the Australian local.
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